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QRS4050 Isometric Rack

QRS4050 Isometric Rack

Technical Specifications

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We are proud to release our latest and greatest Quick Release Edition of our Isometric Rack series. The QRS4050 was specifically designed for our larger NFL and NBA players requiring that extra space as well as fast turn over during Iso test. With the extra tall uprights iso calf raise tests for those taller players can be completed with ease. All racks are specifically designed to work with Hawkin Dynamics Force Plates (sold separately) and is optimized for a variety of testing protocols. The rack does accommodate footprints for various other force plates.

  • Footprint: L 1219mm [48"] x W 1015mm [40"]
  • Height: 2428mm [95-5/8"]
  • High Capacity Wheels for easy Rack maneuvering and setup
  • 15mm Side Hole Spacing for OGS System with 130 Positional Adjustments
  • 25mm Side Hole Spacing for Seat Attachment with 11 Positional Adjustments
  • 25mm Front Hole Spacing for our XT product attachments
  • Lasercut Lettering for accurate position location
  • Barbell Storage with 2 different sizes
  • Grit Tape

Optional Attachments:

  • QRS Chromed Ø25mm Barbell with Olympic Style Knurling (Add-On)
  • Top Mountable Belt Squat w/ Large Shackle Attachment (Add-On)
  • QRS Quick Release w/ Heavy Duty Roller Bearings (Add-On)
  • Prentiss Handle Neutral Grip Handle (Add-On)
  • Quick Release Adapter System (Add-On)
  • Locking Bar for Quick Release System (Add-On)

The rack features interchangeable attachments, including the newly developed Prentiss handle, which allows for adjustable width and can be used in a neutral grip versus pronated or supinated barbell grip. The Prentiss handle was specifically designed with NHL athletes in mind but can be utilized by athletes in various sports disciplines or therapeutical environments.

The rack accommodates a quick attachable belt squat system that is top mountable, providing versatility for testing multiple athletes and settings. Our newly engineered barbell can be used in combination with our OGS Quick Release Add-On. Reinforced braces ensure precise and reliable results, even with extreme loads.

Its compatibility with Hawkin Dynamics Force Plates as well as seamless adjustability to other Industry leading Force Plate systems make the Zeus Isometric Force Rack ideal for athletes at all levels, from major athletes to those in various sports and rehabilitation disciplines.

This Isometric Rack does not have Force Plates included!

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