V2.0 Isometric Rack Compact Edition

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Our V2.0 Zeus Isometric Rack (Compact Edition) is engineered and designed to work specifically with Hawkin Dynamics Force Plates for a variety of different tests and using shorter uprights then our Performance & Prentiss Edition. Force Plates are sold separately.

  • Footprint: L 1119mm [44-1/16"] x W 605mm [23-13/16"]
  • Height: 1526mm [60-3/32"]
  • 40mm Hole Spacing with 33 Positions
  • Lasercut Lettering for position adjustment
  • Barbell Storage
  • Chromed Ø25mm Barbell with Olympic Style Knurling (Add-On)
  • Belt Squat w/ Carabiner Attachment (Add-On)

This rack transfers the athlete's output through a variety of different attachments back into the force plates to perform a series of different tests. Both the barbell and belt squat attachments are designed to be easily interchangeable to different settings for ease of use for testing multiple athletes. 

Sold individually, with or without a barbell shaft, and/or with or without belt attachment. 

This Isometric Rack does not have Force Plates included.