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XT Folding Rack V2.0

XT Folding Rack V2.0

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Technical Specs:

  • Made in Canada with Imported Parts
  • 200lbs Weight Stack x 2
  • Zeus Proprietary Bearing Rotation Mechanism
  • Uprights: 75mm x 75mm x 3mm Steel
  • Height: 2413mm (95")
  • Depth: 684mm (27")
  • Width: 1400mm (58")
  • Zeus Powdercoat Sandblasted Matte Black
  • Pair of XT J-Cups
  • Wall Mounting Brackets x 2
  • Olympus Glide System x 2
  • Removable & Adjustable Pull-Up Bar
  • Rubber End Protectors for tubing to protect floor

Introducing our revolutionary folding squat rack with an integrated pulley system - a true game-changer in the world of fitness design! Our dedicated engineering team has worked tirelessly to bring this cutting-edge product to life, incorporating patented technology that is set to redefine your workout experience.

The design challenge was no easy feat. We aimed to create a wall-mount unit that could fold inward or outward, ensuring optimal space savings without compromising on the robustness and stability of our standard racks. Our engineering team rose to the occasion, developing a unique bearing rotation system with adjustable feet options that not only guarantees ease of installation but also delivers rock-solid performance during your most intense training sessions.

Unlike most systems in the industry, our folding rack does not require the arms to be lifted and simply rotate with ease on our integrated bearing solution. It gives a rock solid characteristics with no side to side motion.

Versatility lies at the heart of our folding rack. Whether you're performing squats, utilizing the pull-up rig, or engaging in power rack exercises, the difference in feel compared to lighter setups that employ thinner steel is simply unparalleled. We wanted to ensure that our customers experienced the utmost in durability and performance, and we've achieved just that.

Crafted with precision, our V2.0 XT Folding Rack boasts two 75mm x 75mm x 3mm steel uprights, expertly laser cut with Westside hole spacing through the bench and pull-up area. With 50mm on-center spacing above and below, this rack offers the flexibility you need for a variety of exercises. Every piece of steel is meticulously powder coated, ensuring a durable finish that can withstand the rigors of your workout routine.

All of our XT accessories are able to fit this rack. You cannot find an attachment on our site? Contact us and inquire.

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