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XZ4050 Prentiss Field Edition Isometric Rack

XZ4050 Prentiss Field Edition Isometric Rack

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Our XZ4050 Field Edition was designed to be a portable solution for an on field sport performance and measurement isometric rack. We’ve simplified our design format to make our uprights and base easy to assemble and disassemble pending the needs of the user. Compared to he XZS4050 the difference is the upright size which is changed from 100mm x 75mm heavy duty steel tubing to 75mm x 75mm to allow for the Prentiss Handle attachment. 

We've also added wheels to base to make the mobility of the rack super simple, while shortening the uprights for easier transportation. Magnetized knurling knobs for easy tightening and loosening of bolts within the isometric rack make it a very flexible system. As well our belt squat for isometric testing as well as the Prentiss Handle for neutral grips is included with this edition.

Whether it’s a basketball court, soccer field, or tennis court the XZ4050 IMTP Field edition is the perfect mobile and portable solution for any on field / court athlete and team.

Design Adjustments:

1. Knurled knobs for quick and easy assembly / disassembly

2. Belt squat attachment

3. Wheel design to the base plate

4. Shortened uprights for easier usability 


- Upright: 1409mm in height

- width & Length: x 1146.8mm 

- Spacing between holes: 50mm

- Hole size: 28mm

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