Zeus Olympus Barbell - 10kg

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The Zeus Olympus 10kg barbell is based off of our pinnacle barbell series, but is a perfect package for learning technique and for youth athletes. Specifically designed for Olympic weightlifting, it features our best whip, it spins to win, and shares the same IWF knurling as a 15kg barbell for ease of moving up to a new barbell when you're ready to go heavier.

-4 needle bearings ensure precision turnover with every movement. 160mm Loadable Sleeve Length. (Perfect for up to a pair of red and blue bumper plates and a pair of collars)

-Ideal for learning technique, without immediately needing a new barbell when you need to go heavier.

-25mm shaft with medium knurling. It has single olympic weightlifting knurl marks.

-A classic chrome finish provides a durable coating, protecting the steel from oxidization while still providing great grip.