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Olympus Barbell - 10kg

Olympus Barbell - 10kg

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The all new 10kg Olympus barbell is our junior weightlifting bar, based off our adult Olympus barbell series. This was introduced to offer a true weightlifting bar for junior athletes!

Specifically designed for Olympic weightlifting, it features our best whip, 4 needle bearings, and shares the same IWF knurling as our 15kg Olympus barbell. Making for an easy transition to an adult barbell as the athlete grows bigger and stronger.

Classic chrome finish provides a durable coating, protecting the steel from oxidization while still providing great grip.

  • 4 needle bearings
  • 160mm loadable Sleeve Length
  • 25mm shaft with
  • Medium knurling
  • Competition knurling marks

Assembled in Canada.

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