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Olympus Barbell w/ Center Knurl - 20kg

Olympus Barbell w/ Center Knurl - 20kg

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The Olympus barbell is our pinnacle men's barbell. Specifically designed for Olympic weightlifting, it features our best whip, spins to win, and is designed to IWF specifications.

The medium knurling intensity makes this the perfect bar for daily weightlifting training, providing great grip, without ripping your hands to shreds. 10 needle bearings in each sleeve ensures precision turn over in every movement. Rated to handle 1500lbs, which is more than you can handle, don't kid yourself.

A classic chrome finish provides a durable coating, protecting the steel from oxidization while still providing great grip.

  • 10 needle bearings
  • Medium knurling intensity
  • Built to IWF Specifications
  • Rated for 1500lbs
  • 28mm shaft
  • Single knurling marks

Assembled in Canada.

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