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V2.0 Rebel Pro

V2.0 Rebel Pro

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Our New Rebel Pro V2.0 has been redesigned with the coach and athlete in mind. We've taken live feedback from coaches & athletes within the NFL, MLB, NCAA, Collegiate and high school systems to improve the rebel pro to provide an even better products for athletes looking to develop their speed, change of direction, lateral force production and more.

The key changes in this model will be a new display system that displays live data tracking, which includes the following metrics:

  • Peak Power: Watts
  • AVG Power: Watts
  • Load: KG Resistance
  • Reps:
  • Max Speed: M/S
  • Distance: M
  • Total Max Speed: M/S
  • Total Distance: M 


Product Information: 

  • Size: 1175x 620 x 755mm
  • Weight: 51Kg
  • Resistant Levels: 8


Resistance Levels:

  • Note: resistance force varies by different speeds applied, and the levels of resistance are based on a speed of 5 M/S
  • Level 1: 2kg Force
  • Level 2: 3kg Force
  • Level 3: 5kg Force
  • Level 4: 8Kg Force
  • Level 5: 12Kg Force
  • Level 6: 16Kg Force
  • Level 7: 20Kg Force
  • Level 8: 25 Kg Force 
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