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Avenger Rack Cable System

Avenger Rack Cable System


  • 91.4" H (232.2 cm)
  • 50.8" W (129.1 cm)
  • 30.2" D (76.7 cm)


  • 1020.5 lbs (462.9 kg)

The Avenger Rack was inspired and designed for multiple Canadian olympic training facilities. With the goal being to create a half rack system that has that enables coaches and athletes alike to do any combination of exercises from barbell work, to cable exercises, to belt squat systems.

The Avenger rack has over 6 pulley stations in total. Two of which are on the front columns, two cable systems on the top cross member and finally two pulley attachments in the back of the rack. All of the pulley systems can be used both unilaterally and bilaterally.

Are weight stack is a 2:1 ratio, and adds up to 200lbs per side.


Height: 2322mm

Width: 1291mm

Depth: 767mm 

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