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Zeus Sky: Leg Extension & Curl Machine

Zeus Sky: Leg Extension & Curl Machine

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The Zeus Sky: Leg Extension & Curl Machine features a multi-pin system that allows for a dual adjustable seat angle, catering to athletes of all sizes for effective muscle activation in both the hamstrings and quads.

Additionally, two pins within the lever arm provide further customization options, allowing athletes to create the desired stimulus and starting point for their workouts.

This machine is suitable for concentric, eccentric, and isometric exercises, making it a versatile option for all training needs. With a weight stack up to 133.5 kg and firm, supportive padding, this machine is designed for optimal performance.

Please note that this is a commercial grade product and may require professional installation. We strongly recommend hiring a professional for assembly (additional service available upon request).


Product Specs:

  • Set Up Size: 1375mm x 870mm x 1496mm

  • Net weight: 211.5kg

  • Weight stack: 133.5kg

    • 9kg x 14 Pcs + Top Plate 7.5kg

  • Band pins for accommodating resistance

  • Main Tube: 50mm x 100mm 2.5mm (12 gauge)


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