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Zeus Onyx Bumper Series V1.0

Zeus Onyx Bumper Series V1.0

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Introducing our Zeus Onyx Bumper Plate Series – Precision Redefined.

Crafted to the highest standards of perfection, the Zeus Onyx Bumper Plates set a new benchmark for excellence. Meticulously engineered, these plates boast an unparalleled +/-20g accuracy, ensuring a lift experience that is precisely calibrated. With a 450mm diameter in adherence to IWF standards, the Onyx Series stands shoulder to shoulder with the elite in the industry.

The Onyx Series Bumper Plates are meticulously manufactured to exhibit a flawless surface, free from any irregularities that could compromise performance or aesthetics. Paired with stainless steel inserts and quality virgin rubber, these plates epitomize a new standard of perfection.

With an unmatched weight tolerance less then 0.5% of its target, the Onyx Series provides a dead bounce and durability that exceeds expectations, setting a new standard for what is achievable in bumper plate design.

The Onyx Series is available in pairs or as sets, making it the ideal choice for those seeking reliable workhorses with an unprecedented level of precision.

Experience the pinnacle of technical excellence and redefine your expectations – Zeus Onyx Series Bumper Plates, where precision meets absolute perfection.

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